Monday, 6 March 2017

Bakso Kerikil

well, hello again and still monday by the way what do you think about today's weather lately? in Semarang the weather is really hard to understand just lyk woman when they got pms, i'm not joking guys

a few hours ago i went to bank near my house bcs i had a lil' bit trouble with my last transactions then i went to indomaret hehehe (again), but i didnt buy onigiri bcs i had to pay my monthly PLN bill, at that time i'm burned by the sun bcs there was so damn hot a few minutes ago but now it's, i mean...


by the way, i have no idea what to do, i want to make a hot chocolate and indomie but i'm feasting right now so here i'm blogging.
anyway, i want to tell you about a good food to accompany you when it's raining outside.. food review time!
here we go,

BAKSO KERIKIL!!! or you can call it pebbly meatballs
this food is really recommended to be eaten when it's raining outside because you'll feel warm by its hot and delicious cow broth!!! dont worry about its name, this food doesn't contain any pebbles which will crush your teeth.. people call it bakso kerikil or pebbly meatballs because of its shaped look... so many small tenderous meatballs you'll see that your belly won't handle the actual portion just lyk pebbles, check this out ;)

be the next person to taste its deliciousness hehehe, you can buy this bakso kerikil only for IDR 14.000 guys
you can find bakso kerikil on small alley in front of the semarang's great agung mosque, just follow that small alley and you'll find a small food stall on the left side and happy eating :)

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